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Spring Scramble Results

May 7, 2011

Although the forecast included potential showers, the golfers made it through the event dry and happy!

Our Scramble scoring record was tied - a 16-under-par total of 54! Congrats to Capt. Steve Bayliss and his trusty (long-hitting) crew - Brian "What can't I do" Pierquet, Tim "My keys are locked in my car" VerVoort and Ryan "The cookies are for my kids - honest" VandenHeuvel!

Once again, prizes were awarded for every third placing (1st, 4th, 7th, etc.) so that ANY team had a chance to win something.


1st Place
54 (-16)
Steve Bayliss, Brian Pierquet, Tim VerVoort & Ryan VandenHeuvel
56 (-14)
Jerry Engel, Matt Engel, Nick Engel & Dennis Jose
60 (-10)
Mike Bachmann, John Robinett, Derek Stingley & Jim Millane
64 (-6)
Hal Hoffman, John Guyant, Joe Cull & Danny Cull
64 (-6)
Scott Dunn, Jerry LeSage, Andy Dunn & Eric Leintz
65 (-5)
Keith Hierlmeier, Bruce Hierlmeier, Jerry Gregor & Paul Tulppo
66 (-4)
Josh Sjolund, Kirk Stoll, John Udvare & Mike Wachowiak
66 (-4)
Chet Babcock, Bob Whitson, Joe Hojnicki & Dale Beier
67 (-3)
Pat Moran, Tom Setzer, Frank Klaman & John Knap
68 (-2)
Al Penne, Steve Heine, Noel Paque & Dennis Goratowski
68 (-2)
Tom Lauderback, Nate Lauderback, Gary Schreck & Bob Nienow
74 (+4)
Joe Jajtner, Dan Jajtner, Josh Demetry & Don Whisler

Team prizes were awarded for 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, and 12th place.

Ties were broken by scorecard playoff from hole 18 backwards.

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