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Spring Open Scramble Results

May 9 (23), 2009

Songbird Hills would like to thank all of the golfers who were able to join us for the re-scheduled Spring Scramble. The weather was a bit 'iffy' for a little while, but the sun came out just in time for a great finish!

A new Songbird Scramble record was set in the event, with Brad Stock's foursome besting their previous record (56) by two strokes! The long-hitting, short-game gurus came out firing on all cylinders, making eagles on 3 of their first 5 holes - including 2 chip-ins!

Tim Schultz, Jeff Schultz, Jason Bergum, Andy Friberg and Courtney Buchach walked away with some cash for their closest to the pin shots. Nate Lauderback took 'Longest Drive' honors on hole #8, while Dan O'Meara drained a putt, from the what seemed like another county, in winning the 'Longest Putt' contest on #18.


1st Place
54 (-16)
Brad Stocks, Steve Arneson, Nick Arneson & Andy Friberg
59 (-11)
Scott Dunn, Andy Dunn, Jerry LeSage & Andrew Taylor
60 (-10)
Jason Bergum, Kyle Evan & Tony Tyler
60 (-10)
Steve Bayliss, Dave Bayliss, Mark Ruhbusch & Ryan Vanden Heuvel
62 (-8)
Jerry Engel, Matt Engel, Nick Engel & Dennis Jose
64 (-6)
Nate Lauderback, Jesse Haggith, Chris Haggith & Brad Wickesburg
65 (-5)
Tom Lauderback, Bob Nienow, Pat Moran & Gary Schreck
65 (-5)
Mike Flaig, Mike Nevels, Peter Cannon & Dan O'Meara
65 (-5)
Joe Cull, Danny Cull, John Guyant & Hal Hoffman
66 (-4)
Craig Shaver, Courtney Buchach, Bob Modl & Tom Modl
68 (-2)
Al Penne, Noel Paque, Steve Heine & Dennis Goratowski
71 (+1)
Tim Schultz, Jeff Schultz, Jen Schultz & Mark Rohr

Team prizes were awarded for 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th and 12th place.

Wins due to ties were determined by scorecard playoff.

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