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course layout
Front 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out
Par 4 4 3 4 4 4 3 4 5 35
Blue 370 394 123 286 295 352 161 331 498 2810
White 359 384 114 276 275 344 150 322 488 2712
Red 348 374 98 266 264 336 101 313 478 2578

Hi There! I'm glad you stopped by to check out these hole-by-hole tips before your round at Songbird Hills. If you think that Songbird Hills will be a walk in the park because of our slightly shorter course length, THINK AGAIN! What we lack in overall distance is certainly made up for with our requirements for accuracy and a well honed 'short' game. Our greens are small and usually quite fast, with some subtle, and some not-so-subtle breaks.

If you can remember one thing, just remember this: Do your best to stay BELOW the hole on the greens. Most putts from above the hole are downhill, and boy are they tricky! Good luck and have fun!

Vince Joaquin, Director of Golf

1 The first hole plays straight off the tee and then heads steeply downhill and slightly right. Unless you are within 125 yards of the hole, you probably won't be able to see the green. A sand bunker sits along the right edge of the fairway about 190 yards from the tee. The entire left side of the hole is marked by out-of-bounds stakes. Don't worry about the out-of-bounds stakes on the right side, they're for hole 18 only.
2 It will take two well hit shots to get on the green here. The fairway slopes from right to left, so aim accordingly. There is a pond on the left side of the hole and trees on the right. Remember to aim at the pin that is closest to you, as this is a double green, shared with hole 4. Be sure to keep in mind the amount of slope on the front half of the putting surface.
3 Hole 3 seems easy, until you step up to the elevated tee box and can't quite decide what club to hit! There is a sand bunker on the right as well as trees and brush behind the green. Once on the green, be aware of the subtle breaks.
4 The 276 yard 4th hole can be reached in one shot by longer hitters, so be careful! A well placed tee shot over the natural wetland area should put you in good position for a short second shot to a fairly flat putting surface. The woods on the right side of the hole are marked as a lateral hazard, so play accordingly. Remember, this is a double green, so aim at the flag closest to you.
5 This hole requires a well hit, blind tee shot over a hill to reach the fairway. There are two fairway bunkers along the right side as well as trees, so aim your tee shot just left of the flag on the green and you should be safe. Assuming step 1 goes as planned, step 2 should be a simple iron shot to an elevated, not-too-tricky, green.
6 Hole 6 is a classic par 4 with a dogleg left around a stand of mature trees. Your best bet is to aim straight at the small pine trees, which should leave you with a clear view of the green for your second shot. The green is guarded on the left and back by some trees that have a voracious appetite for golf balls, good luck!
7 Our 7th hole had been featured on the FOX-6 Sports "Scenic Six" as one of the area's most enjoyable holes. You'll see why once you step onto the tee! The view from this elevated tee box can be somewhat intimidating.

In theory, the hole is easy, hit a tee shot 150 yards, over the large pond below, to a small green that is guarded by sand bunkers to the right and and rear. The key to success on this hole is to hit the shot onto the green in your mind - and then do it with the club - like the water isn't even there. Easy, right?
8 The 8th hole is one of those "swing hard in case you hit it" holes. There is out-of-bounds on the right, but it is way right. If you manage to put one O.B. on this hole from the tee, you might want to consider a different hobby! Your second shot is to a green that is severely sloped from back right to front left. There is a bunker to the right which should help you aim to the left side of the green no matter where the flag is, because you want to stay left anyway!
9 To start hole 9, aim your tee shot just right of the trees on the left side of the fairway. If your ball doesn't end up on the top of the hill in the fairway, plan to hit two more shots to the green because you are still more than 250 yards out. Your best bet would be to hit a mid-iron shot, over the hill in the center of the fairway, to leave yourself with a short distance to the green. Watch out for the water hazards on both sides of the fairway by the green. As before, try to keep your shot below the hole, or your score will almost certainly go up!


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